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Harney & Sons SoHo 4 oz Loose Tea

China Black tea with chocolate flavour, coconut, vanilla and amaranth petals | Kosher tea | 4 oz loose leaf
In November 2015, the Harney & Sons SoHo flagship store celebrated its fifth year at 433 Broome Street! Emeric Harney, the shop's host, created this beautiful black tea blend to celebrate the store's grand opening back in 2010. Now it's a landmark favorite. SoHo Blend is a flavored black tea with chocolate, coconut, vanilla, and amaranth petals. It is a medium bodied tea with a very tropical and sweet aroma from the coconut and vanilla infusion. This tea is Kosher. 
Interesting Fact: Harney & Sons SoHo Tea House in Manhattan, New York is voted as one of the top 10 best tea houses in the world (FOOD & WINE Magazine). Located in the fashionable Soho neighborhood in Manhattan, you can browse through 250 tea kinds or hang out by the tea tasting bar and learn more about the flavours, the origin, or simply enjoy it. However, if you cannot go there in person, you can also experience the most coveted teas by simply getting them from our website.
Product Contains 4 oz of loose-leaf 
Base A colorful tea with a China black base and amaranth petals
Aroma Delicate scent of coconut and vanilla and a hint of chocolate make this tea tropical and sweet
Caffeine Level Caffeinated
Body Medium body
Flavors This tea has tropical and sweet flavors, like eating a coconut candy. Vanilla and chocolate flavors complement the coconut
Brewing Time 5 minutes
Brewing Temperature 212° F


Kosher Certified:
4 oz loose leaf

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