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Harney & Sons Genmaicha Loose Tea 4 oz

Genmaicha is a blend of broad yellow-green Bancha tea leaves are mixed with toasted brown rice. | loose-leaf tea | Kosher Tea | 4 oz

Harney & Sons Genmaicha is a different kind of Japanese green tea that many people find intriguing. Brown rice kernels ("genmai") are added while the green Bancha leaves ("cha") are being dried, so the kernels get crispy and some burst open. Genmaicha has a unique appearance and a pleasant roasted flavour. The broad yellow-green Bancha tea leaves make a vibrant light green liquor, tinged slightly khaki brown from the rice. This tea is Kosher certified. 

Interesting fact:
Bancha is a summer tea made after the Sencha season. Because there is so much of this inexpensive tea, an innovative Kyoto tea merchant thought to combine the the two staples of the Japanese diet, bringing Genmaicha into existence. Once considered a cheap peasant beverage, Genmaicha has recently come into vogue among the Japanese urban elite.
Product Size Available in 112 g | 4 oz of loose leaf tea tin
Base Bancha Green tea
Aroma Roasted brown rice with light vegetal undernotes and hints of citrus from the Bancha
Caffeine Level Caffeinated
Body Light body
Character Above a baseline vegetal flavor of spring grass, there is the strong roasted flavor from the toasted rice. It is evocative of popcorn.
Steeping Time 2 to 3 minutes
Brewing Temperature 175° F



Loose-leaf tea
Kosher Certified:
112 g / 4 oz