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Harney & Sons Morning & Night Royal Teas Gift Set

A beautifully wrapped gift set of Royal English Breakfast and Peppermint Herbal from the luxurious Historic Royal Palaces Collection | Kosher Certified | 2 x 30 sachet tins

This gift set contains the brink Royal English Breakfast (30 sachet tin) that you can enjoy as your morning brew and the soothing Peppermint Herbal (30 sachets tin) to enjoy in the late afternoon. Both teas are from the luxurious Historic Royal Palaces Collection and make a perfect gift for anyone who loves both black and herbal teas.

About Royal English Breakfast:

Harney & Sons Royal English Breakfast is a robust combination of Kenilworth Ceylon and Kenyan Milima black teas that makes a smooth, full-bodied brew with dark honey flavours complemented by citrus and spice.

About Peppermint:

The Historic Royal Palaces Peppermint Herbal Tea is made of aromatic Oregon peppermint leaves that produce a delicious smelling and crisp tasting tisane. Allow this simple, natural herb express itself and its flavour complexity through a sip of tea. Mentha piperita (also known as peppermint) can not only refresh you in the morning but also soothe you before bed. It is more than just a plain delicious tea. It's a tea to always have in your home or office.


Whole-leaf tea in sachets
Kosher Certified:
2 x 30 sachet tins