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Harney & Sons Calming Tea Gift Set

A gift set with soothing Chamomile & Lavender Tea and Peppermint Herbal Tea from the HT Collection | 2 x 20 silken sachets

This gift set is a selection of two Harney & Sons Tisanes from the HT Collection - Yellow & Blue  (20 sachets tin) and Peppermint Herbal (20 sachet tin). It is beautifully wrapped in a stylish gift box and finished with an elegant silken ribbon.  

About HT Yellow & Blue:

Yellow and Blue is a sun-soaked floral mélange of Egyptian chamomile, lavender and cornflowers. This pleasant aroma and herbal properties will soothe your senses and relax you. Its yellow-green liquor has sweet and tender afternotes. You can't escape from the appeal of this soothing herbal infusion. This Harney & Sons HT Collection Yellow & Blue tin contains 20 silken sachets. Kosher certified.

About HT Peppermint Herbal:

The Peppermint Herbal from the Harney & Sons HT Collection is made of aromatic Oregon peppermint leaves that produce a delicious smelling and crisp tasting tisane. Allow this simple, natural herb express itself and its flavour complexity through a sip of tea. Mentha piperita (also known as peppermint) can not only refresh you in the morning but also soothe you before bed. It is more than just a plain delicious tea. It's a tea to always have in your home or office. The tin contains 20 silken sachets.

2 x 20 silken sachets
Kosher Certified: