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Victorian London Fog Is Going to Be Your New Favourite

Victorian London Fog Is Going to Be Your New Favourite

Posted by Premium Teas on 2018 Mar 11th

Hi Black Tea Lovers!

Harney & Sons recently introduced Victorian London Fog and the news are totally worth sharing because it was selected as the creation of the effort and creativity of thousands of tea lovers who submitted tea flavours and then voted for the best in Harney & Sons' New Flavour Tea Contest. There were thousands of submissions and this one was the ultimate winner.

What makes Victorian London Fog different than a classic Earl Grey tea is the fact that it is a blend of not only black tea and bergamot oil but also oolong tea, lavender, and vanilla notes (only natural flavours). It has a fragrant and creamy liquor and is most definitely worth giving a try. This long-anticipated blend is now available for purchase, and tea lovers are already raving about it.

Woman holding a teacup and stirring her tea

Victorian London Fog Tea by Harney & Sons - Instagram

Victorian London Fog was inspired by the originating in the Victorian era hot beverage called “London Fog” that was traditionally Earl Grey with steamed milk. However, this one doesn’t have to be consumed with milk and it still delivers smooth and creamy experience. It is a great pair to your breakfast or brunch during the weekend. Enjoy!