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10 Ideas for a Halloween Themed Tea Party

10 Ideas for a Halloween Themed Tea Party

Posted by Premium Teas on 2017 Oct 24th

Image source: Tartlette

With Halloween approaching, we throught, what a better time to get your decorative and baking creativity out and surprise your guest with delicious and beautiful, yet Halloween themed table.

So, we've gathered for you 10 incredible ideas that will make any Halloween tea party incredibly memorable and picture-worth. Especially knowing that you have set up and baked everything on your own. Let's start!

1. Place a pumpkin arranged center piece set the mood on the table. 

Get ideas for your Halloween center piece from the pros at Country Living.

2. Bake treats that have pumpkin as an ingredient and decorate them in a spooky way. That will be a real conversation starter for the adults and so much fun for the kids. 

3. Light up some candles and reduce the lighting in the room. What is Halloween without dim lights?

4. Knit a tea cozy for your teapot that reminds of a pumpkin.

6. Place little pumpkins throughout your party room so that the Halloween theme is there from any angle. 

7. Bring in helium baloons in white and orange and draw on them spooky faces. 

8.You may also add another tea statement on the table such as a beautiful orange stump teapot. Orange sounds perfect for Halloween!

9. Find teaware that is unusual or make it on your own so that everyone get suprised when they want to sip on their tea.

10. Last but not least! Dress yourself appropriately, just because you are the host/ess/ and you represent a huge part of your party. 

For more ideas, visit our  Pinterest Halloween Themed Tea Party idea board.