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Harney & Sons Tilleul (Linden) Mint Herbal Tea 20 Wrapped Sachets

Caffeine-free, herbal blend with mint and tilleul (linden) for a refreshing and soothing brew | 20 wrapped sachets

Harney & Sons Tilleul Mint tisane is a unique herbal blend that combines relaxing, honey-like linden from Southern France and refreshing and soothing mint from Oregon. The delicate linden leaves and flowers create the nimble body of the brew, while the crisp peppermint adds a note of liveliness. This blend is naturally caffeine-free and is praised for its digestive and sleep benefits. This box contains 20 individually wrapped high quality sachets that brew a 12 oz cup each. Kosher certified.

Interesting fact:

Linden tea is made out of the dried linden leaves and flowers of a linden tree that is mostly found in the Northern Hemisphere. This linden tea used in this particular herbal blend comes from the picturesque village of Carpentras in Provence, Southern France. 

Product Contains 20 individually wrapped silken sachets
Base Mint and linden 
Aroma Soothing floral and mint aroma
Caffeine Level Caffeine-free
Body Very light body
Character Relaxing mint and floral flavours
Brewing Time 5 minutes
Brewing Temperature 212° F

kosher-tea-seal.jpg  |  KOSHER CERTIFIED TEA 


20 individually wrapped silken sachets