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Tagalongs Gift Set

A set of 5 Harney & Sons Tagalongs with some of the most beloved tea flavours | whole-leaf tea | Kosher tea

This is a unique and delicious tea tagalong gift set. A combination of popular flavours will allow client to taste a variety of teas and surprise their palate.

Gift set contains: 5 tagalongs with 5 sachets in each. Tagalongs are great to take with you on-the go, when you travel or to sample. They can be also used to refill them with your favourite tea when you want to just put it in your purse.

Flavours: Tower of London, Vanilla Comoro, Hot Cinnamon Sunset, Earl Grey Imperial, Peaches and Ginger

kosher-tea-seal.jpg  |  KOSHER CERTIFIED TEA 


Whole-leaf tea
Kosher Certified:
5 x 5 silken sachets