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Harney & Sons Raspberry Herbal Iced Tea 50 Pouches Box

Rosehip, Hibiscus and Raspberry leaves packaged in pouches to conveniently make iced tea | loose-leaf | Kosher Tea | 50 x 1 oz pouches in a box

This tisane is a mixture of rosehips, hibiscus, raspberry leaves and raspberry flavor. It is a great tasting, definitely refreshing and caffeine-free drink which makes it a perfect choice for anyone who would love to enjoy a healthy cold drink in the late afternoon. The beautiful raspberry-red iced tea is packaged in a box of 50 x 1 oz tea pouches. Each tea pouch brews 4 quarts or 3.5 liters which make about 10-12 glasses of homemade iced tea.

Interesting fact:
These Harney & Sons Raspberry Iced Tea Pouches make four quarts of iced tea and are the perfect choice for those who are looking for convenience when it comes to making iced tea at home. This must-have tea for the warmer months of the year can be made even more exciting and delicious by squeezing in lemon, adding fresh mint leaves and honey for a bit of sweetness. Are you ready to try?
Brewing Instructions:
1) Boil 1.5 litres of water and pour over a tea pouch in a heat resistant container.
2) Steep for 15-20 minutes and then fill the container with 2 litres of cold water.
3) Remove teabag and gently squeeze it.
Product Size A box of 50 x 1 oz tea pouches. Each pouch makes up to 10-12 glasses of iced tea
Base Herbal tisane with Rosehip, Hibiscus, Raspberry Leaves
Aroma Fruity raspberry aroma
Caffeine Level Non-Caffeinated
Body Medium to light body
Character  Fruity taste of raspberry and the tang of citrus
Steeping Time 15-20 minutes
Brewing Temperature 212° F (Boiling Water)


Loose-leaf tisane
Kosher Certified:
Box of 50 Tea Pouches