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Harney & Sons Plain Black Iced Tea - 10 ct

Full-leaf Chinese Black Tea leaves filled in pouches, making it easier to brew iced tea | Loose-leaf | Kosher Tea | 10 x 1 oz pouches in a box

Classics are always modern. This Harney & Sons Chinese Black Iced Tea is no exception. The tea is made out of full leaves, picked by hand, so that each leaf's sweet character and bright, rich body remains intact and then packaged in pouches that brew 3.8 litres each (10-12 glasses). This size pouches is bigger than the pouches in the iced tea tins and is a great option if you host parties or you just love iced tea all day long. It is wonderful to enjoy plain over ice on a hot summer day, with a squeezed lemon or a drop of honey before icing to enhance the sweet character of the brew. This package contains 10 x 1 oz tea pouches.

Brewing Instructions:
1) Boil 1.5 litres of water and pour over a tea pouch in a heat resistant container.
2) Steep for 15-20 minutes and then fill the container with 2 litres of cold water.
3) Remove teabag and gently squeeze it.
Product Size A resealable bag with 10 tea pouches. Each pouch makes up to 10-12 glasses of iced tea.
Base Chinese black tea
Aroma Sweet Peaches
Caffeine Level Caffeinated
Body Medium body
Character Fruity taste of fresh peaches
Steeping Time 15 minutes
Brewing Temperature 212° F (Boiling Water)


Full-leaf black tea
Kosher Certified:
Batch of 10 Tea Pouches