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Harney & Sons Goji Berry Herbal Fruit Tea 4 oz

A delicious dried fruit blend tangy goji berry | Whole-leaf | Kosher tea | 4 oz tin

Harney & Sons Goji Berry is a vibrant fruit tea blend of refreshing and delicious rose hips, hibiscus, apple pieces, goji berries, natural blueberry and raspberry flavours. Its tangy and sweet liquor makes it a great choice to brew in the summertime and in the wintertime. Goji Berry Tea is light in body and caffeine-free, so that you can enjoy it at any time of the day. This tin contains 4 oz and serves 30-40 cups of tea.

Interesting Fact:

About 30 years ago, Harney & Sons' friend and colleague Andrew Demmer decided to mix dried fruit and flavors together for his tea shops in Vienna, Austria. These blends were not from the tea plant, were caffeine-free, and refreshingly delicious. Andrew decided to call them Fruit Teas.

Ingredients: Rose hips, hibiscus, apple pieces, orange peel, goji berries, blueberry flavor, raspberry flavor.

Product Contains 4 oz loose tea
Base Fruit and flower pieces
Aroma Fruity and tangy aroma
Caffeine Level Caffeine-Free
Body Light body
Flavors Tangy notes of goji berries and tart blueberry and raspberry undertones.
Brewing Time 5 minutes
Brewing Temperature 212° F


Loose tea
Kosher Certified:
4 oz tin