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Harney & Sons Decaf Vanilla Comoro Tagalong (5 Sachets)

All natural, Decaf Chinese black tea with delicious natural vanilla from Comoro Islands | 5 whole-leaf tea silken sachets

Harney & Sons Vanilla Comoro Tagalong makes the perfect gift. It is an all natural vanilla flavoured decaffeinated black tea. The sweetness and rich flavours make this Harney & Sons Tea so irresistible. The leaves of this tea are dusty brown due to the fact that the caffeine has been extracted and the liquor you would enjoy is light brown. The vanilla is sourced from one of the best places in the world for vanilla - the islands of Comoro. This tea is lightly brisk tea with light body and medium to strong aroma. There is no sugar added to this tea.

Product Contains 5 silken sachets
Base Chinese Black Tea
Aroma Vanilla
Caffeine Level Decaffeinated
Body Light body
Character Vanilla flavour
Steeping Time 4 to 5 minutes
Brewing Temperature 212° F

kosher-tea-seal.jpg  |  KOSHER CERTIFIED TEA 
Whole-leaf tea in silken sachets
5 silken sachets