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Harney & Sons Citron Green Classic 20 Sachets Tin

A citrus flavoured green tea that is smooth, light and delicate| full-leaf tea | 20 silken sachets

If you're trying green tea for the first time or you were never too sure whether green tea is for you, you should give this tea a chance. As you would understand from its name, Harney & Sons Citron Green is a citrus flavoured tea that is smooth, light and delicate that is not only delicious but also anti-oxidants packed. The refreshing citrus and orange flavors provide a whispering introduction into the world of green tea. This tea is a blend of both light and dark green tea leaves that turns into a clear light yellow liquor. Sip, sip.

Interesting fact: The green whole leaves that you see in your tea cup are green because after they are harvested, they are heated and dried to prevent oxidation that would occur with black tea. This way you can enjoy the lightly astringent fresh-picked flavor of green tea.

Product Contains 20 full leaf tea sachets
Base Green Tea
Liquor Light clear yellow
Aroma Citrus, and especially orange, are prominent in our Citron Green Tea
Caffeine Level Caffeinated
Body Citron Green is a medium green tea with a moderately light body
Character An array of tropical and citrus, especially orange
Brewing Time 2 to 3 minutes
Brewing Temperature 175° F


Loose-leaf tea
Kosher Certified:
20 sachets