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Harney & Sons Egyptian Chamomile Loose Tea 1 lb

Soothing Egyptian Chamomile Flowers | 1 lb loose tea bag

Harney & Sons sources the finest Egyptian chamomile flowers, of which they use only the flower heads (no extenders) to create this beautiful herbal infusion. A premium quality soothing tisane, perfect to wind down during a hectic afternoon at the office, or at home at the end of the day. It has a bright clear yellow liquor and light floral notes. You can't escape from the appeal of this soothing herbal infusion. This Harney & Sons Chamomile bag contains 1 lb of loose tea. 

Interesting fact:

If you're looking for a tea that will be your sleeping aid, this medley of herbs will calm your body and mind to get those precious moments of sleep. 
Product Contains 1 lb loose-leaf tea
Base Egyptian chamomile flower heads and pollen
Aroma Light floral aroma
Caffeine Level Caffeine-Free
Body Light bodied
Character Very subtle apple flavors can be found in this mellow chamomile
Brewing Time 5 minutes
Brewing Temperature 212° F
1 lb