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Turqoise Stump Teapot with Infuser (18 oz)

FORLIFEĀ® turqoise blue, high-fired ceramic teapot with attached lid and infuser.

This FORLIFE® turqoise colour Stump teapot comes with an extra-fine 0.3 mm stainless-steel tea infuser and permanently attached hinged lid for easy use. The extra-fine infuser enables you to steep fine loose-leaf teas such as Rooibos tea to large whole-leaf teas like Oolong tea. This teapot is also ideal for use of tea bags. Stackable design allows you to save cabinet space.

*Please note: Some packages may show 16 oz., however the actual capacity of the product is 18 oz.

FORLIFE® Teaware

FORLIFE® is designed with the philosophy of simplicity with function. Masa Fiji, FORLIFE Designer, believes products must have good meaning and good use for our everyday living. He designes products that last a long time and l stay beautiful and fresh for a lifetime. 

This teapot is available in other colours as well. 


BASKET INFUSER : Stainless Steel / Polypropylene
- Dishwasher-safe
- BPA-free
- Heat resistant up to 120°C/240°F
- Condensed extra-fine holes to circulate the tea efficiently
- Handle for easy access to control infusing time

LID : Stainless Steel
- Permanently attached lid won’t fall off while serving
- Dishwasher-safe

POT : Lead-free High-fired Ceramic
- Dishwasher-safe 

All the materials used for this products are food-safe.


- Use caution when handling hot water.
- Do not use in microwave oven.
- Do not put teapot on heating element.
- Let boiling water cool down a bit before pouring it in pot.
- Use baking soda dissolved in warm water to clean tea stain as needed

Lead-Free, High Fired Ceramic
Care instructions:
All parts of this teapot are dishwasher safe.
18 oz