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Harney & Sons Royal Wedding Tea (50 Sachets)

Royal Wedding Tea is a special tea made with Chinese Mutan white tea buds, almond, coconut, vanilla flavours, and a floral abundance of pink rosebuds and petals | 50 silken sachets | whole-leaf tea | Kosher certified

Harney & Sons Royal Wedding is a remarkable blend of Chinese Mutan White Tea Buds with almond flavour, coconut, vanilla and an abundance of pink rosebuds, cornflower and marigold petals. It is indeed a regal tea to celebrate a glorious occasion. This resealable bag contains 50 sachets, each sachet of which brews a 12 oz cup of tea. This tea is certified Kosher. 

Ingredients: White tea, rose petals, almond flavor, blue cornflowers, marigold petals, vanilla flavor, coconut flavor. Contains natural flavors.

Product Contains 50 silken sachets
Base Chinese Mutan White Tea
Aroma Nuts and vanilla
Caffeine Level Caffeinated
Body Light body but still pretty good for white tea
Character Combines almond, coconut and vanilla flavours
Steeping Time 2 to 3 minutes
Brewing Temperature 175° F



About the Historic Royal Palaces Collection

Harney & Sons Fine Teas were invited by the Historic Royal Palaces of England (A non-profit organization that helps explore the story of how monarchs and people have shaped the society, in some of the greatest palaces ever built.) to create a notable and exquisite collection of English tea blends. Each unique tea blend pays homage to tea's imperial history and roots.

In 1660, the 17th-century diarist Samuel Pepys had his first ever 'Cup of Tea, a China drink', then only introduced to Britain. Catherine of Braganza, Charles II's tea-drinking queen, made it fashionable, Queen Anne would often enjoy a cup of tea at Hampton Court Palace and the double wedding of Queen Charotte's son at Kew in 1818 was celebrated with tea party. Until the abolition of import duties in 1784, tea was the expensive preserve of royalty and the rich. Despite its ubiquity in later times, tea is truly historic, royal tipple.

Whole-leaf tea filled in pyramid sachets
50 silken sachets
Kosher Certified:

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