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Harney & Sons Holiday Tea Tagalong (5 Sachets)

Chinese black tea with citrus, almond, clove and cinnamon | 5 silken sachets | Kosher Certified

This Harney & Sons Holiday Tea tagalong is a specialty fine Chinese black tea, spiced with citrus, almond, clove and cinnamon. Although mostly sold around the holiday season it has become a year-round favorite black tea for many tea lovers. It is a wonderful addition to any holiday gift. This tin contains 5 sachets. Kosher certified.

Product Contains 5 silken sachets of loose-leaf tea
Base China black tea blended with cloves and safflowers
Aroma Holiday tea with strong scents of citrus and cinnamon
Caffeine Level Caffeinated
Body Medium to strong bodied
Character Holiday blend tea with orange and cloves as well as hints of vanilla and almond
Brewing Time 4-5 minutes
Brewing Temperature 212° 



5 silken sachets
Kosher Certified: